Lord, Your pity and care show how harm spreads

Lord, Your pity and care show how harm spreads,
how when we do wrong the grief all know grows,
Your eager love displaces intense thought
crowding in, each delusion melts away;

in Your kindness You consider each soul
who honors and believes unselfishly,
unhesitatingly worthy of You;
oh my bright gentle Sun, give me Your arm,

a woman overwhelmed by her own faults;
I don't deny how I spent the days of
my youth were an insult to You--still You

who've been so easy on our lost ways
allow me who am sorry, grief-striken,
to return to You now I am reformed.

From B S2:33:193; first printed 1889 Lawley 106-7. Translation: Lawley 106-7. Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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