If I could see him and those who are gone

If I could see him and those who are gone,
bright lights who shine in my childhood landscape,
who protected and made my native home
gay, whose deeds were those of ancient heroes;

if they were all around me, they would form
for me a vast lovely sheltering sky,
a shield against these angry ruthless lights,
enemy presences who combine to

obstruct and do me harm. My life's thread was
twisted into theirs, and when the envy-
filled Fates cut, they snapped my hopes--and those of

all joined to us. The truth is I died long
ago--disburdened, free of the world, I
stay to try my dream of free flight to him.

An image of the Italian text from Visconti's 1840 edition
From V XLV:45. See also B A1:83:44; R CVI:305-306. Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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