The kind of courage today's world respects

The kind of courage today's world respects
and praises so loudly mounts high; though what
I love is as good, I love only love,
even if this love afflicts my heart with

burning anguish. But wait--if love's wild dart
has knifed through my heart, I feel whole, unharmed,
for if I'm now too frail for what the world
quests for, what hurts me also protects me.

So control your eager desire for
honors: I don't want, I've no need of them;
you need not dread fortune's indifference.

Or would you have me say: may your fame and
my pain keep pace, so we will be as high
as those no-one envies because they died with honor.

From B A2:2:56; MS A. Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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