You are what is valued in our time Preggio e splendor sei tu del secol nostro
You are the what is valued in our time--
my sun, your splendor dims all other light;
whereever you are there is my shelter
there this world's obscure night is clear, serene.
Preggio e splendor sei tu del secol nostro,
Almo sol, che oscurando i lumi intenti
Nella tua luce, ovunque alberghi e stai
L'oscura notte fai chiara et serene.


1512, February 20-21(?): These lines are attributed to VC around the time of Ravenna; perhaps she wrote them just as her hero left, the day after Carnival, February 20-21 (by February 29th he was deeply involved in Seige of Brescia). They were printed by Castriota in his biography:


First fragment of early poetry cited by CCastriota, FMTordi, p. 495


Translation: Thérault 83.
Amaro Lagrimar
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