Pain and sorrow issue out of my heart

Pain and sorrow issue out of my heart:
I find my eyes wet, my breast constricted;
the earth seems to weep, and wherever I
go or look I can only find people

who hurt and sadden me. Since my husband,
whom I always physically longed for,
the world's cynosure of honor, died, cut
off in his life's springtime, I'll always be

desolate. A little earth covers his
body, but his reputation and chivalry
live forever while his soul rejoices

in the spheres' glad music. Envious fates
prompt to maim me, how right you are to boast
you never broke a knot equal to ours.

From B A2:11:61; MS CAS. S See AB's "Three New Poems by VC," Italian Studies 24 (1969), 49-50. Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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