If ever someone was only anguish Se mai misero visse in doglia e pena
If ever someone was only anguish,
Nothing but mental pain, tormented grief,
well, swathed in black, I am she, only me
when in pain, whose life is to cry . . .
Se mai misero visse in doglia e pena
Avvolto in nero duol, in nero manto
Quella son io che vivo sol di pianto . . .


This is said to come from a sonnet written almost immediately after the death of Pescara, so I date it 1526 January.


Seventh fragment of poetry cited by Castriota, FMTordi, p. 507; also by Visconti, "Discorse Preliminare", p. XXXV.


MRoscoe 337: If Misery was ever seen in sorrow and pain, in black grief and black dress, I am that person, living only on tears.


VC's identity is only real to her when she is in pain; the pain gives her her identity.
Amaro Lagrimar
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