Dear, my heart, may you come alive again

Dear, my heart, may you come alive again,
be reborn, on this day when she was born
who gave me life--her strong soul needed lend
no wings for her journey to paradise.

From her earliest days a light shone from
her flesh, her eyes--her awakened soul knew
what was honesty. She always acted
rightly, and in the iron of her glance

great beauty hid. I know she prays to You
for us, but, gentle Lord, pray her to pray
for me to feel her vital force working,

to loosen, no, break these bonds which chain me
to the earth, that this human frame may serve
my soul and my soul may serve only God.

An image of the Italian text from Visconti's 1840 edition
From V CXV:275 ("Rammenta il giorno del nascimento di Agnese da Monte Feltro sua madre, gia morta: e desidera troverasi in cielo con essolei". See also B S2:22:188, R XIIII:425-26 (suggests it is to the Virgin Mary); MSs L, V2 (Ve2) A, CASI, Pr, RA; in 1539, 1540/2; 1548 Valgrisi; 1760 Rota. Translation: Roscoe 61 (translates as to VC's mother) with which Reumont concurs (p. 119). Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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