The muses weave the poet's laurel crown

The muses weave the poet's laurel crown,
Apollo's Helicon sparkles with hues
drawn from exquisite jewels, and Flora strews
her loveliest flowers over that hill,

and all for you, my Lord. You're one of them,
the poets Parnassus and we honor.
What you do, like lightning or dawn, always
unfolds what this earth is when all's obscure.
I shall live to see your chivalry lit
by a double splendour, before your hair
turns gray, a double crown upon your brow:

Your sword and style awe bright history, it
remembers, praises you, which praise reaches
the stars where my sweet Sun hears about you.

From B E6:206; 1889 Lawley 108-9 (from MS Ve) 1900 Tordi 8:47; MSs L, Ve2. Translation: Lawley 108-9. To Alfonso d'Avalos; one of a pair, the other by Del Vasto, "Cedano al vostro dir gl'altri Scrittori" (paraphrase: Like the dawn yields to the rising sun, worthy fires and learned geniuses must yield to your chaste ardor; it is fitting your honor honors me; my soul sees your honor loves chivalry; your majestic light makes my integrity splendid; my virtues may be clear to your sun who dwells outside this shadowy veil and sparkles like a shining star; with such praise of the daylight Vittoria turns my night to day; your ardent zeal makes my obscure lights beautiful") Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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