Bright spirit, this moment swiftly freely

Bright spirit, this moment swiftly freely
taking the road to Paradise, away
from this obscure sordid cavern, winging
high, more innocent, beautiful, welcome

than I can say, you wove inwardly a
dress of such rich threads in so orderly
a way, that as the easily-broken
spell ended, after all a play, a dance,

you'd begun the real better life. But blest
Frederick blood dries, bonds wither; and, tightened,
the knot you drew on to make me good, is

strained; now I must look within. Silenced is
the voice which through God's grace brought me to see
the bitterness of life as a sweet gift.

An image of the Italian text from Visconti's 1840 edition
From Visconti CXCVIII:358. See also B S1:163:166; MS Pa1; Valgrisi 164. Translations: 1) as if it were to VC's long-dead brother, Frederigo Colonna, Roscoe 63, Lawley 8-9; 2) as to Frederigo Fregoso, VC's cousin, Thérault 105, McAuliffe 142. This is on VC's mother's sister's son, Frederigo Fregoso, Bishop of Salerno (died July 13, 1541) with whom, as a fellow "evangelical" VC was very close. Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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