In his light, the proud Eagle preened and combed

In his light, the proud Eagle preened and combed
its wings, gaily effortlessly he floats
above Olympus--the earth's beneath his
notice--my beloved took it all for

you. Now there's a shadow on his brightness;
sordid circumstance, hard to decipher,
warps the view, his sincerity's doubted,
the bold eagle's flight seems not what it was.

His victories and his Vittoria,
his trophies, deeds left an eagle's impress
everywhere, the great wings' feathers scattered.

The light his radiance diffused made life's
iron road less grim--but now sombre night
retakes the earth; the eagle can fly no more.

An image of the Italian text from Visconti's 1840 edition
From V XII:12 & B E24:215 (more precise & daring); R XVII, 57: MSs F1, Bo, A, CAS, CASI, Cor, Pa, VI, Ve2; printed many times: 1538/9, 1540-2/44-6; 1558 Ruscelli; 1586; 1760. Translation: Bouchard 205. To Emperor Charles V after just after Pescara's death. Giovanni Guidiccioni replied ("L'aquila avria dove fermar l'altero"). Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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