Your most pitiless enemies will have

Your most pitiless enemies will have
little heart to war against your regal
strength--three crowns on your forehead--Italy,
Spain, and the Netherlands are yours. So, if

God's just will and my husband's sacred acts
(to me sacred) are herein understood
and fulfilled, all you have to fear is this
silence as the honors pile up and you

are worshipped everywhere. Thirsty, my Lord?
you have risked life, hit with every weapon
to own our lands and seas and peace. Is thirst

for God not as worthy? permanently
to hold onto what your merits seem to
have taken you will need His assistance.

From B E28:217; first printed 1906 Picco; MS Pc. A fourth to Charles V; written either in 1530 at time of Clement VII's coronation of Charles in Bologna of in March-April 1536 when Charles came to Naples in the time of Paul III and was indeed a triple monarch. Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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