When God's son appeared on earth, when He left

When God's son appeared on earth, when He left
Paradise to make us a faith, the sky
darkened and He chose that first wise Gaspar
to mark what many could not recognize.

His regal status, haste, his eagerness
to see the Child made them look up and catch
the radiant light melting the ice ribbed
thick round those calloused hearts for centuries.

Now His rebirth within us works through this
second Gaspar to make us believe God
alone makes us just and whole. The one saw

God in mortal flesh, the other sees Him
in seraphic majesty, now tender
his heart's love, how strong his mind's belief

An image of the Italian text from Visconti's 1840 edition
From V CLXV:325. See also B E20:213; no MSs; 1548 Valgrisi; 1693 Bulifon; 1586; 1760 Rota. Translation: Roscoe 195. A second on the death of Gasparo Contarini (August 24, 1542). Reference to one of Magi (by 9th Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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