Dear eyes, let us cry until we're blinded

Dear eyes, let us cry until we're blinded
so you won't see and I'll not fear seeing
the earth's softer whiter lights once again;
if my desire and your powers are
to reach beyond the celestial spheres,
we must disdain all we can see on earth,
and with his likeness carved out of my heart,
from all other consideration free,
contemplate his grave,
the man shut up there,
and for this brief agon--knowledge of peace,
give endless silent death its due honor:
don't make Acteon's mistake, turn away.

From B A2:52:81; MS Bo. Bullock says this is a third to Michelangelo. For complete set of poems by Michelangelo said to be to VC, see James M. Saslow, The Poetry of Michelangelo: Annotated Translation (Yale University Press, 1999). A madrigale. It should be noted that the assertion this poem is to Michelangelo is purely speculative. There is no documentary evidence for this whatsoever; Saslow also lacks any documentary evidence. Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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