When I hear from within the recesses

When I hear from within the recesses
of my heart a friendly voice echoing
these kind words: "Look again, thoughtless woman
see Whom your evil has nailed to the cross!"

I lift my eyes and pained nearly beyond
endurance dread overwhelms hope, but soon
my faith helps--it secures me from fear and
all the harm fear can cause; it is on faith

and real thought the heart relies: these tell me
it is fitting to take pride in each act
of noble pity, that impulse from God;

that He scorns the sin but not the sinner
if her heart, soul, and mind live in and on
God's goodness, and shut out everything else.

From B S2:34:194; first printed Tordi. 1:36 (MSs L, V2, Ve2). A third with Bernardino Ochino in mind: Tordi thinks the poem is based on a sermon by Ochino meditating the Psalmist line "Cor contritus et humiliatus Deus non despicias." Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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