When the bull's horn fills with fiery light

When the bull's horn fills with fiery light
renewing the earth with color and strength,
bejewelling this world with lovely flowers,
and Apollo leads back Prosperina,

When I see our springs and meadows filled with
graceful sylvan presences and children,
or learned spirits seeking the laurel,
making our air move sweetly with music;

my sad heart is not cheered; deadly pain grips
it still and is as heavy as ever;
my pain is tenacious if unshared. Why?

What is it to me if glad lovers fill
the earth with deep delight--my beloved
has hidden his light and body from me.

An image of the Italian text from Visconti's 1840 edition
From V VIII:8. See also B A2:12:61; R XLII:116. Written in response to Bernardino Rota's 9th Eclogue celebrating VC's birthday (April): "Si celebra in questa egloga il giorno del natal di Vittoria Colonna, Marchesana di Pescara, compresa da lui sotto il nome di Nice, che Vittoria significa: & per questo fare invoca la ninfa Egla [the name of BRota's villa], come fa Virgilio nel suo ("Scendi dal tuo bel colle a la marina ...); in BR, Sonetti, et Canzoni, Con l'Egloghe Pescatorie, Vinegia, 1562; a note tells us it was written 27 years earlier. It is not a reworking of Petrarch's Soonet 310, "Zefiro torna e'l bel tempo rimena" (Durling, pp. 488-489) Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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