When, His skin blood-soaked on that mountain top

When, His skin blood-soaked on that mountain top,
His naked arms , legs stretched out on the cross
under those skies, the man gave His life to
God, made His father's will his forever,

a spring of water, sacred, cleansing, no,
a sea of grace flowed, and rage and fury,
deep in the eternal structure of things,
were scattered in the winds, old laws, the veil

between man and God lifted. The angels
longed to know death with Him, but God was just,
curbed their instinctive passion to respond

equally. and said "Others can't restore
love's endurance retrieve innocence, good
faith, your blood can't wash away the great wrong.

An image of the Italian text from Visconti's 1840 edition
From V LXIV:224. See also B S1:42:106; no MSs; Valgrisi 42. References: Luke 22:42-5; John 19:34. A fifth in a series meditating Christ. Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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