In Paradise one perpetually

In Paradise one perpetually
sees a shimmering penumbra of light
no mortal glass can reflect, no human
imagination rooted in flesh can

take in. So when in that dark hovel, no,
holy isle of Delos, was born the true
Apollo thick dazzling lights burnt, simply
since He was there and since He loved us so.

They gazed at the beautiful Son and His
Mother who made this earth worthy again;
they gave thanks to God and to the Holy

Spirit's burning torch--and a thousandfold
of voices sang the pitiless war's won,
the world's good people given endless peace.

From B S1, 3, 178; Mss L and V2 (Ve2?). First published 1900 Tordi 4:39. Reference: Luke 2:14. A twenty-sixth in a series meditating Christ. Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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