I think today's Easter, and in Heaven

I think today's Easter, and in Heaven
they're singing gay, light, and innocent airs
to celebrate the return of God's saints
to their home through Jesus' passionate climb;

they praise, pray, and honor Him for He brought
them to Paradise, to endless light and
loveliness everywhere, sheltered in a
circle made in God's bosom by His son;

their garments are sewn with the finest gold,
interlaced and spangled with rubies from
His spilling blood--He committed no crime;

God's vast fountain flows with refreshing dew
from His side, only He was good and free
in giving to all in this world. Plunge in.

From B S2:31:192. MSs L, V2 (Ve2?). First printed Tordi 5:40. The twenty-seventh and last in a series meditating Christ. Tordi suggests VC was inspired by sermon by Ochino in which he imagined the saints in limbo, well above the edge of the earth, all in "the fourth circle," sometimes called Abraham's bosom, by the poets Elysian fields, before the gates of Paradise which Christ has opened to them. Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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