He put all he had within him into

He put all he had within him into
this virgin; his genius formed her beauty
from a conception of God's mysteries
grace is sculpted, translated, there for us;

The idea's gravity, implications
overwhelm the heart--an overfilled vase
we can't lift--but slowly we see something's
missing, not it. Maybe it's her sweet air

a living woman wouldn't have, the lack
of fierce lights against a backdrop of dark
shadows. Still, this devoted humble stance

and gentle act stirs my heart to gaze on
her, and she sweeps away my confusion,
dismay at this world's black atrocities.

From B S2:23:188; MS' L, V2 (Ve2?). First printed Tordi 6:41. A fifteenth in a series meditating the Virgin Mary. Tordi says that this sonnet may been the result of a 1538 visit to the Madonna de San Lucca in Bologna; he and Bernardy (pp 81-2) connect it to Vittoria's response to the preaching of Ochino and other evangelical influences on her. VC gazes at a sculpted Madonna. Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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