Dear lady who climbed so high up, far away

Dear lady who climbed so high up, far away
on a peak: you knew how far human kindness
goes and are now at peace, for you have seen
the triviality and uselessness

of what the world values. Now that the steep
jagged road is smoothed for you, and His bright
lamp lights your way, you offer me your hand--
I'm to divest myself, get above earth's

passions, escape the viscid trap clamped down
on me, like you, scorn worldly lies, the bait
of all the alluring ruthless syrens.

It's not faint praise to say she remembered
someone else whose need was a bottomless
pit while she was in bliss among angels.

From B S2:26:190; first printed by Tordi 9:49, MS L. A fourth in a series to Mary Magdalen. Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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