Blest woman--He spoke to you by the well

Blest woman--He spoke to you by the well,
and said: I am living water, you must
pray to me, drink my truth, and go no more
to the ancient temples or sacred hills.

but to God the Father go, with firm faith,
humbly, maybe now crying with yearning,
maybe again that bitter sound, yet still
praying silently in the calm stillness--

for to Him your passions are transparent.
And as the Son's light fell over the earth,
and Samaria, your burning thirst was

sated, and you hurried to tell others
more wise to come honor Him, with heart, soul,
and mind cheered by loving holiday joy.

From B S2:29:191; MS RA (Biblioteca Angelica, p 241, in Rome) Translation: Bainton 209. The fifth and last in a series on Mary Magdalene. VC follows medieval tradition of conflating other women Christ encountered with the Magdalene: see the woman at the well (John 4:6-25; also John 19,20, and the uncanonical Gospel of Mary. Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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