Francis, in whose flesh Jesus cut raw wounds

Francis, in whose flesh Jesus cut raw wounds
as if he were engraving common wax
with the sharp edge of love's seal: He chose
to reveal Himself through you alone in

a way human senses can feel. He shaped
you with His virtues, impressed His pattern
on you, and within His church, for His Bride,
you built a temple, a place for yourself,

and taught the high and mighty. Poor, humble,
always forgiving--the lower you sunk,
the higher you reached, abasing yourself

you were transfigured. On earth you loved God,
now with Him pray for me to keep with you
in mind, heart, and every deed I do.

An image of the Italian text from Visconti's 1840 edition
From V CXIX:279. See B S1:123:146; MS's V2 (Ve2), L; Valgrisi 124. The first of two sonnets to St Francis of Assisi. The English reader may find a concise complete summary of all legends and sources in J. C. J. Metford's Dictionary of Christian Lore and Legend. Key

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