You followed your magnficient Captain

You followed your magnificent Captain,
in His footsteps, you fearlessly confronted
the frightening ambush, stood firm amid
the relentless struggle, your weapon self-

abasement. Contemptuous you dismissed
society--stripped yourself bare, but with no false
pride, the cross your treasure, you quietly
made your way through deserted countrysides--

savage wilds--and we saw what grace can do,
how transform the heart, through which God's hand drew
real love for us and told His history.

Francis, when He embraced you, pressed you close,
tight, then drew apart, He carved deep wounds, made
visible how He beat death and the world.

An image of the Italian text from Visconti's 1840 edition
From V CXX:280. See also B S1:124:147; MSs Ve2 (V2), L, A, CASI, Pr, RA; Valgrisi 125. A second of two sonnets to St Francis of Assisi. The English reader may find a concise complete summary of all legends and sources in J. C. J. Metford's Dictionary of Christian Lore and Legend. Strongly Valdesian; see Carlo Ossola, introd. Valdés, Juan de. Lo Evangelio di San Matteo, ed. Anna Maria Cavallarin. Roma: Bolzoni, 1985. VC is again also thinking of herself and her Captain, Pescara. Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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