Heavenly spirits--who praise God's splendor

Heavenly spirits--who praise God's splendor
in such sweet songs, accents whose power and
purity reveal the loveliness of
your thoughts--into your song weave a prayer

for us, here on earth, oh so far away
from you, pressed in by passions we'd drive from
us, sordid thoughts, a kind of lowness, yet
we were made for one end--to love one thing.

Put palm to palm, like us, like pilgrims who
wander the earth eager to find God, drink
your fill of the fires of paradise,

then make our prayers one, yours which cannot stray,
mine burdened by all the things I've done wrong,
thence will He joyfully take me to Him.

An image of the Italian text from Visconti's 1840 edition
From V CXI:271. See also B S1:128: 149; no MSs; Valgrisi 129. A second of four to the elect souls in Paradise. It reflects contemporary theological thought. See, e.g., Carlo Ossola, introd. Valdés, Juan de. Lo Evangelio di San Matteo, ed. Anna Maria Cavallarin. Roma: Bolzoni, 1985; and Paolo Simoncelli, Evangelismo italiano del Cinquecento: Questione religiosa e nicodemismo . Roma: Istituto Storico italiano per l'età moderna e contemporanea: 1979 Key

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