Heavenly spirits beyond the fixed stars--

Heavenly spirits beyond the fixed stars--
in vast clear brightness there are no secrets
only joy everywhere--you bathe in God's
kindness, an immense sea whose smallest drops

trickled into this bitter tubulent
world's waters can quench the parched heart's thirst, tear
these fragile nets which yet choke, and quiet
those passions whose losses and pain ravage

the blind. No more can Jesus' blood wash stains
sunk and dyed into flesh; it cannot reach
inadequacy's core, so pray to Him

that the voices, sounds God once called man to
Him with, might wake us--from this sloth, this drugged
heavy sleep of the inner better self.

An image of the Italian text from Visconti's 1840 edition
From V IX:395 and B S2:32:193; MS's L, V2 (Ve2?); MS CASI, RA. A fourth of four to the elect souls in Paradise. It reflects contemporary theological thought. See, e.g., Carlo Ossola, introd. Valdés, Juan de. Lo Evangelio di San Matteo, ed. Anna Maria Cavallarin. Roma: Bolzoni, 1985; and Paolo Simoncelli, Evangelismo italiano del Cinquecento: Questione religiosa e nicodemismo . Roma: Istituto Storico italiano per l'età moderna e contemporanea: 1979 Key

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