Above my body my soul's eager wings

Above my body my soul's eager wings
unfurl, cleave the thick black air around her:
alone, carefree, I reach out to my Sun,
and he'll burn, absorb me into his sphere.

My elysium, hallowed school where one
learns freedom: not to fear or hope for all
those things the world gives and takes away;
to scorn death's wild dart, all time steals from us.

He and I drink from a spring, profuse, bright,
living: it contents him and I taste such
sweetness--afterwards honey seems bitter.

He quiets my anguish--before all too
familiar to him--with his loving
bright kindness, and the world sparkles with light.

From B A2:38:74. In 1556 Dolce; MS Pc and BoCa1:2. Translation: McAuliffe 201-2. Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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