If I thought my poetry matched his worth,

If I thought my poetry matched his worth,
my tears adequate to express this grief,
if I knew I'd placed him beyond all this
world boasts of, I'd bear this anguish better.

But I tremble when I raise my mortal's
voice--it hurts me to sing directly of
him, of that paradisal light I felt
when I was with him; my memories are

painful and melt my words into tears. Yet
to conquer the relentlessness of time
and regret, the harshness I remember,

I speak of my Sun. Alas to me he
was so beautiful I've no will or choice:
I really just yield to all Love commands.

From B A2:16:63. In MS's: RA, V1, Ve2. Key

Amaro Lagrimar
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