Honored waters, and you, enchanted shores Onorate acque, e voi, liti beati
Honored waters, and you, enchanted shores,
where, more than everywhere else, Heaven's serene, tranquil, has strewn a cornucopia
of all those gifts everywhere else denied.

If I could make my verses as beautiful
as this land is blithe and rejuvenates,
filled with grace, the result of high courage;
they'd be immortal, you forever cherished.

But my low rough lines and humble genius
are not equal to your nobility;
I do not dare to aim my song so high.

no argument has the reach, however
powerful and full of sweetness the style;
so with my soul alone I exalt you.

Onorate acque, e voi, liti beati
ov'il ciel, più tranquillo e più sereno
ch'in altra parte si dimostra, a pieno
sparge i suoi doni a tutti altri negati:

s'i versi miei fosser di stil sì ornati
come di buon voler l'almo ed ameno
vostro sito, di grazie e valor pieno,
farian eterno, e voi cari e pregiati;

ma le mie roche rime e 'l basso ingegno,
troppo inuguali a vostra grande altezza,
non ardiscon, cantando, andar tant'alto,

ch'a ragionar di voi non fora degno
qualsivolglia gran stil pieno di dolcezza;
però con l'alma sol v'onoro e esalto.


Ruscelli-VG 5:3; Rizzardi 22:23; Chiapetti 19:25; 1995 Bullock 38:98. For Key see A Note on the Italian texts


The sonnet was written around April 1530 in praise of Correggio as an idyllic Arcadian place. The rhyme scheme is the same as in "Vero albergo d'Amor, occhi lucenti" ("Radiant eyes, a true haven for Love"). For circumstances, letters, variants, commentary and a paraphrase see 1995 Bullock pp. 98-99n.
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