I am not and hope never to be free Libra non son, ne mai libra esser spero
I am not and hope never to be free
from the cruel snare I was lured into,
since my heart has been mortally wounded,
my innocence and candour cut to bits.

And I never will be free of a thought
which occupies my mind both in the night
and day -- that your contemptuous fierce
heart disdains me because I gave myself to you.

You are pitiless so I never will
be free from fear and torment and open
wounds rubbed raw, ah, every hour I live.

for I never want freedom from these chains
hour after hour my desire grows
for these feelings, soft, sweet, pleasurable.

Libra non son, né mai libra esser spero
dal crudel laccio, ove già fui legata
perchè troppo mortal la piaga è stata,
che già ferì mio cor puro e sincero.

Né libra mai sarò da un sol pensero
nel qual dì e notte isto sempre occupata,
che la mia libertà, qual t'ho donata
non sprezzi ahimè, tuo cor superbo e fiero.

Né libra da timor, né libra ancora
mai sarò da martir, de acerbe pene
che me affligon per te crudele, ogn'ora.

Alfin né libra mai da tue catene
starò, crescendo in me più d'ora in ora
varie passion per te soavi e amene.


Costa 2:25; 1995 Bullock 6:62. For Key see A Note on the Italian texts


Another early poem. In the 16th century manuscript Costa found it appears third. As Bullock remarks, this is another sonnet which uses the same rhyme scheme as Più volte il miser cor avea assaltato; see 1995 Bullock p. 62n. Previous translation: Jerrold 150-151.
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