Beautiful shining eyes Occhi lucenti e belli
Beautiful shining eyes,
how can it be in one moment of time,
you give birth to so many, such new shapes?

Gay, sad, proud, humble, severe
all in one breath. Whence I am filled
with hope and fear,

and such tender feelings, poignant and wild
enter this badly burnt heart all at once
and put themselves at your disposal.

Now since I live and die through you -- may you,
happy, beautiful, dear eyes -- always know
serenity, gaiety, and the sky's bright light

Occhi lucenti et belli:
come esser può ch'in un medesmo instante,
nascan da voi sì nove forme e tante?

Lieti, mesti, superbi, umili, alteri
vi mostrate in un punto, onde di speme
e di timor m'empiete,

e tanti effetti dolci, acerbi, e feri
nel cor arso per voi vengono insieme
ad ogn'or che volete.

Or poiché voi mia vita e morte sete
occhi felici, occhi beati e cari,
siate sempre serni, allegri, e chiari


Ruscelli-VG 8:5; Rizzardi 14:14; Chiapetti 1:16; 1995 Bullock 21:79-80. Previous translations: Poss 58; Jerrold 152; Stortoni and Lille 32-33. For Key see A Note on the Italian texts


Baldacci sees an allusion to Petrarch Sonnet 110 (Persequendomi Amor al luogo usato), Durling 218 ("Since Love was pursing me to my accustomed place); the final tercet is the point: come col balendar tona in un punto/ cosi su'io de'begli occhi lucenti/ et d'un dolce saluto inseme aggiunto. This is traditionally dated as after March 1509. It is interpreted as to her husband. For commentary, variants and a paraphrase see 1995 Bullock pp. 79-80n.
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