If when for Adonis or near Mars

Se quando per Adone o ver per Marte
If when for Adonis or near Mars
beautiful Venus burned,
what, my Lord, would she've known,
seen by you?

That ardent lamp would've flamed
only for you, who deserve more than they,
would've been scorched, lit in every part,

for your weapons surpass war-like Mars',
and the lovely Adonis yields himself
to you, unparalleled;

thus, if the Gods aspire to you,
make you immortal,
there is no marvel, for you are such already.

Se, quando per Adone e ver per Marte
arse Venere bella,
stato fossi, Signor, visto da lei,

quella ardent facella
sol per te, che di lor più degno sei,
aras e accesa l'avrebbe in ogni parte,

perché ne l'arme il bellicoso Marte
vinci d'assai, e di bellezza Adone
cede al tuo paragone;

dunque se 'l Ciel t'aspira e fa immortale
meraviglia non è, perché sei tale.


Ruscelli-VG 9:5; Rizzardi 18:18; Chiapetti Madrigale 2:20; 1995 Bullock 25:83-84. Previous translation: Poss 60. For Key see A Note on the Italian texts


To her husband after their marriage. See 1995 Bullock p. 84n. for variants, commentary and paraphrase.
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