The heavenly spirits and angels laughed Riser gli spirti angelici e celesti
The heavenly spirits and angels laughed,
the light of each star shone deeper, fuller,
when, beautiful soul, free from this life's
burdens, you reached, stood in front of God,

And said very humbly, "Here I am, Lord,
I return your good and faithful servant
devoted, never rebellious to your will
the man on whom you bestowed such gifts."

And He answered: "Oh, my loyal dear man
enter, here, rejoice in this happy realm
the world longs for - and you have been promised."

Oh Bembo, such splendor and radiance
graced your life's end. Yes, you were worthy:
your reward is immortality in Paradise.

Riser gli spirti angelici e celesti
e pi¨ luce mostr˛ ciascuna stella
quando dal grave incarco, anima bella,
sciolta dinanzi al tuo Fattor giungesti,

e tutta umile: "Ecco, Signore" dicesti,
"la tua devota ubediente ancella
Ti rende , al Tuo voler non mai rubella,
doppi i talenti Tuoi che giÓ le desti."

Ed Ei rispose: "O mia fedele e cara:
entra a goder il mio beato Regno,
anzi che 'l mondo fosse a te promesso."

Tale ebbe fin al glor´osa e chiara
tua vita, o Bembo, e sý, come eri degno,
tu fu pregio immortal lÓ su concesso.


Rizzardi 36:50; Chiapetti 32:52; 1995 Bullock 64:165. For Key see A Note on the Italian texts


A second sonnet on the death on Bembo (on January 18, 1547). Rizzardi and Chiappetti reference Matthew 25: 22-3. For variants, paraphrase and comment see 1995 Bullock p. 165n. He also places this just after Or che sei ritornata, alma felice (Now you have returned to Paradise).
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