His Infinite and Noble Goodness chose Scelse da tutta la futura gente
His Infinite and Noble Goodness chose
his Elected from all future people;
our future bliss is predetermined by
the will of the divine mind and nothing else.

Thus He calls some people and they to him
sweetly unite, he makes them his guests; not
for any wise or welcome works they did,
but from his too abundant forgiveness.

Those he fore-ordained he justified, then
ennobled them so they were modelled on
his Son and could become almost equal.

Who therefore could ever harm God's elect?
In the most extreme anguish no-one will
be able to separate them from Christ.

Scelse da tutta la futura gente
gli eletti Suoi l'alta Bontà infinita,
predestinati a la beata vita
per voler sol de la divina mente.

Questi tali poi chiama, et dolcemente
Seco gli unisce ed al ben far gli invita
non per opra di lor saggia o gradita
ma per grazia di Lui, troppo clemente.

Chiamati gli fa giusti, e giusti poi
gli esalta sì ch'a l'unico Suo Figlio
gli fa conformi e poco men ch'uguali;

qual dunque potrà mai danno o periglio,
ne l'utlimo, di tutti i gravi mali
da Cristo separar i santi Suoi?


Ruscelli-VG 13:16; Rizzardi 30:44; Chiapetti 26:46. See also 1995 Bullock 57:157-58. For Key see A Note on the Italian texts.


Rizzzardi directs the reader to St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans 8:29 on predestination. Bullock says Gambara is paraphrasing Romans, 8:29-30; see 1995 Bullock pp. 157-58n. for variants, paraphrase and discussion of text in manuscript and printed traditions.
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