Nature holds her breath, in wonder, in thought Oggi per mezzo tuo, Vergine pura
Nature holds her breath, in wonder, in thought,
and yields to this new work full power;
a miracle is seen upon this earth,
through you most innocent quiet Virgin

God is made man and we must care for Him,
clothed in difficult vexing flesh which dies:
while He remains God, He hides divinity
keeps his essence in the shape of a child.

God was not part man, never divided,
not two natures, but at once always God
and Man, all powerful everywhere.

Sweet Virgin, shed God's grace and light on me
that my earthly nature might understand
this noble high and profound mystery

Oggi per mezzo tuo, Vergine pura,
si mostra in terra sì mirabil cosa
che piena di stupor resta pensosa,
mirando l'opra, e cede la Natura!

Fatto uomo è Dio, e sotto umana cura,
vestito di mortal carne noiosa,
restò qual era, e la divina ascosa
Sua essenza tenne in pueril figure!

Misto non fu, né fu diviso mai,
ma sempre Dio e sempre uomo verace,
quanto possente in Ciel tanto nel mondo!

Volgi dunque ver me, Vergine, i rai
de la tua grazia, e 'l senso mio capace
fa di questo misterio alto e profondo!


Rizzardi Poem 33:48; Chiapetti 29:49; 1995 Bullock 56:156 Previous translation: Jerrold 143. For Key see A Note on the Italian texts


Rizzardi says it is on the incarnation of Christ; see 1995 Bullock p. 156n. Discussed in Jerrold 144-5.
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