From the trembling longing of the lover Nasce il desir da gran pena d'amore
From the trembling longing of the lover
to be united with her beloved,
from parting's anguish is born desire;
and from desire hope's resistless strength.

From hope comes that sudden hesitation,
that timidity; then out of habit,
yes, that someone is used to us, accustomed
is born self-doubt, suspicion, and mistrust.

And anxiety gives birth to a certain
sort of mistake, one that creates a
corrosive stubbornness. This stubbornness

leads to infinite delusions, deceits,
giving pause before noticing, allowing
awareness of damage to be seen by you

Nasce il desir da gran pena d'amore
Et dal desir depende la speranza;
Da la speranza un subito timore,
Et dal timor sospetto, per usanza.
Et dal sospetto nasce un certo errore;
Dal certo error mala perseveranza.
Perseveranza crea poi mille inganni
Che mi fan tardo accorger di miei danni


From ABullock, "Per Una Edizione Critica della Rime di Veronica Gambara", Veronica Gambara e la Poesia del Suo Temp Nell'Italia Settentrionale, pp. 119-120. The attribution is, according to Bullock, uncertain. For Key see A Note on the Italian texts


This is yet another hard-to-place late poem about love. It's very pessimistic and in Gambara's vein. It is not printed in any edition as by Gambara; it appears but once attributed to Gambara and in a manuscript.
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