A Filmography of the Austen Movies by Type

Dear Reader, this filmography differs from the ones on the JASNA website: the films are categorized according to aesthetic type rather than by their major source text.

Since a new cultural way of categorizing these films has emerged since I first put this document on my website (around 2004 -- I've updated it by adding Austen films made since that year), I feel I ought to say something about how they fit into the division of costume drama from older books into heritage versus appropriation films. So as brief preface, let me say briefly that all the transpositions and commentaries here are heritage type films, while the free or analogous adaptations are appropriations. Basically a heritage film keeps to the period setting of the original text and makes reasonable attempts to recreate sufficient historical acccuracy to make the viewer feel he or she is watching a historically "true" or educational film; an appropriation takes what is needed for the hinge points in the original plot and central characters while updating values found obsolete, modernizing settings, altering characters and changing the target of the satire, creating a new perspective to fit some 2th or 21st century cultural position. Appropriations may be transnational, but even when they are still Euro- or Anglocentric they are not attempting to represent Austen except as needed for recognition. The effect may be to comment on Austen, to re-see her in a new way or increasingly to erase much tha peculiarly distinguished her texts historically.

A) Transposition or the apparently faithful: the film-makers have attempted to match the original story, and to reproduce most of the characters and stayed with the central dramatic turning-points of the novel and famous lines, with some allowance for modernizing interpretations and necessary as well as advantageous alterations filmic media provides.

Mrs Gardiner and Elizabeth talk (from scene in book) in 1979 Pride and Prejudice
  1. 1971 (Jan) BBC Sense and Sensibility, produced by Martin Lisemore, directed by David Giles, written by Denis Constanduros, Joanna David [Elinor Dashwood], Ciaran Madden [Marianne], Isabel Dean [Mrs Dashwood], Robin Ellis [Edward Ferrars], Clive Francis [Willoughby], Richard Owens [Colonel Brandon], Patricia Routledge [Mrs Jennings], Kay Gallie [Fanny Dashwood], Milton Johns [John Dashwood], Michael Aldridge [Sir John Middleton], Sheila Ballantine [Lady Middleton], Frances Cuka [Lucy Steele], Robert Ferrars [David Belcher], Maggie Jones [Nancy Steele], Jo Kendall [Charlotte Palmer], Mary [Esme Church], Ailsa Grahame [Mrs Ferrars], David Strong (Mr Palmer]
  2. 1971 (April) BBC Persuasion, produced and directed by Howard Baker, written by Julian Mitchell, production design Cecilia Brereton, costumes Esther Dean, starring Ann Firbank, Bryan Marshall, Basil Digam [Sir Walter], Valerie Gearon [Elizabeth Elliot], Morag Hood [Mary Musgrove], Richard Vernon [Admiral Crofts], Georgine Anderson [Mrs Crofts], Marian Spencer [Lady Russell], Rowland Davies [Charles Musgrove], David Savile [Mr Elliot] 2) 1995 BBC Persuasion, produced by Fiona Finlay and George Faber, directed by Roger Michell, written by Nick Dear, costumes Alexandra Byrne, starring Amanda Root, Ciarhan Hinds, Susan Fleetword, Fiona Shaw, Sophie Thompson, Samuel West [Mr Elliot], Victoria Hamilton [Henrietta Musgrove].
  3. 1972 BBC Emma, produced by Martin Lisemore, directed by John Glenister, written by Denis Constanduros, script editor Lennox Phillips, music arranged by Tom McCall, production design Tim Harvey, costume designer, Joan Ellacott, make up Pam Meager, lighting Richie Richardson, sound Colin Dixon, starring Doran Goodwin, John Carson, Donald Eccles, Constance Chapman, Debbie Bowen, Timothy Peters, Ellen Dryden [Mrs Weston], Raymond Adamson [Mr Weston], Ania Martin, Robert East [Frank Churchill], Molly Sugden [Mrs Goddard], Fiona Walker, John Kelland [John Knightley], Vivienne Moore [Williams], John Alkin [Robert Martin], Meg Gleed [Isabella Knightley], Lala Lloyd [Mrs Ford], Mary Holder (Mrs Bates), Amber Thomas [Patty]
  4. 1979-80 BBC Pride and Prejudice, produced by Jonathan Powell, directed by Cyril Coke, written by Fay Weldon, production design Barbara Gosnold, costumes Joan Ellacott, starring Elizabeth Garvie, Irene Richards, David Rintoul, Moray Watson, Priscilla Morgan, Judy Parfitt, Peter Settelen [Mr Wickham], Sabina Franklyn [Jane Bennet], Kitty Bennet [Clare Higgins],Tessa Peake-Jones [Mary Bennet], Barbara Shelley [Mrs Gardiner], Malcolm Rennie [Mr Collins], Natalie Ogle [Lydia], Osmund Bullock [Mr Bingley], Marcia Fitzalan [Miss Bingley], Desmond Adams [Colonel Fitzwilliam], Shirley Cain [Mrs Philips], Michael Lees [Mr Gardiner], Emma Jacobs [Georgiana Darcy], Moir Leslie [Anne de Bourgh], Elizabeth Stewart [Mrs Lucas], Janet Davies [Mrs Hill].
  5. 1981 BBC Sense and Sensibility, produced by Barry Letts, directed by Rodney Bennett, script by Alexander Baron developed in new ways from Denis Constanduros’ outline, production design Paul Joel, costumes Dorothy Wallace, starring Irene Richards, Tracey Childs, Diana Fairfax, Bosco Hogan, Robert Swann, Peter Woodward, Annie Leon [Mrs Jennings], Amanda Boxer [Fanny Dashwood], Peter Gale [John Dashwood], Donald Douglas [Sir John Middleton], Julia Chambers [Lucy Steele], Marjorie Bland [Lady Middleton], Pippa Sparkes [Anne Steele], Philip Bowen [Robert Ferrars], Margaret Van dur Burgh [Mrs Ferrars].
  6. 1983 BBC Mansfield Park, produced by Betty Willingale, directed by David Giles, written by Ken Taylor, production design John Bone, costumes Ian Adley, starring Sylvestra Le Tousel, Nicholas Farrell, Anna Massey, Angela Pleasance, Bernard Hepton, Samantha Bond, Robert Burbage, Jackie Smith-Wood, Liz Crowther [Julia], Tom [Christopher Villiers], Jonathan Stephens [Mr Rushworth], Katy Durham-Matthew [young Fanny], Alex Lowe [young Edmund], Allen Hendrick [William Price], Eyrl Maynard [Susan], Alison Fiske [Mrs Price], Robert Langford [Mr Yates], David Buck [Mr Price], Katy Durham-Matthews (young Fanny), Alex Lowe [young Edmund]
  7. 1995 BBC/WBGH Pride and Prejudice, produced by Sue Birtwistle, directed by Simon Langton, written by Andrew Davies, script editor, Sue Conklin, production design Gerry Scott, costumes Dinah Collin, Kate Stewart, cinematography John Kenway, original music Carl Davis, starring Jennifer Ehle, Colin Firth, Benjamin Whitrow, Alison Steadman, David Bamber, Adrian Lukis, Suzannah Harker, Crispin Bonham-Carter, Barabra Leigh-Hunt, Joanna David [Mrs Gardiner], Tim Wylton [Mr Gardiner], Lucy Briers [Mary Bennet], Emilia Fox [Georgiana], Miss Bingley [Anna Chancellor], Julia Sawalha [Lydia], Victoria Hamilton [Mrs Forster], Lucy Robinson [Mrs Hurst]
  8. 1995 Miramax Sense and Sensibility, produced by Lindsay Doran, co-producer Laurie Borg and James Schamus, directed by Ang Lee director, written by Emma Thompson, production design Lucciana Arrighi, cinematographer Michael Coulter, costumes Jenny Bevan and John Wright, starring Emma Thompson, Kate Winslett, Alan Rickman, Hugh Grant, Gemma Jones, Gregg Wise, Emilie Francois, Elizabeth Spriggs, Robert Hardy, Harriet Walters, James Fleet, Robert Lumsden, Imogen Stubbs, Hugh Laurie, Imelda Staunton, Tom Wilkinson [Mr Dashwood], Ian Brimble [Thomas].
  9. 1995 BBC/WBGH Persuasion, produced by Fiona Finlay and George Faber, directed by Roger Michell, written by Nick Dear, costumes Alexandra Byrne, starring Amanda Root, Ciarhan Hinds, Susan Fleetword, Fiona Shaw, Sophie Thompson, Victoria Hamilton [Henrietta Musgrove].
  10. 2007 ITV (Granada in association with WBGH) Northanger Abbey, produced by James Flynn and Keith Thompson, directed by Jon Jones, written by Andrew Davies, production design David Wilson, costumes Grania Preston, starring Felicity Jones, J.J. Field, Catherine Walker, Carey Mulligan, Silvestre Le Tousel, Liam Cunningham, Desmond Barrit, William Beck, Mark Diamond, Hugh O'Conor, Julia Dearden, Gerry O'Brien. Geraldine James (narrator's voice-over).
  11. 2008 ITV (BBC and Warner, among others) Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, produced by Vanessa de Sousa and Anne Pivcevic (executive producers Rebecca Eaton and Jessica Pope), directed by John Alexander, written by Andrew Davies, music by Martin Phipps, starring Hattie Morahan, Charity Wakefield, Janet McTeer [Mrs Dashwood], David Morrissey, Dan Stevens, Dominic Cooper, Lucy Boynston [Margaret], Daisy Haggar [Miss Steele], Rosanna Lavelle [Lady Middleton], Anna Madeley [Lucy Steele], Mark Gatis [John Dashwood], Linda Bassett [Mrs Jennings], Jean Marsh, Mark Williams [John Dashwood], Fanny Dashwood [Claire Skinner], Eliza [Caroline Haynes] Tim McMullan [Mr Palmer], Tabitha Wady [Mrs Palmer].
  12. 2009-10 BBC Emma produced by Philippa Giles, directed by Jim O'Hanlon, screenplay Sandy Welch starring Jonny Lee Miller [Mr Knightley), Michael Gambon (Mr Woodhouse], Romola Garai [Emma], Jodhi May [Miss Taylor], Harriet [Louise Dylan], Tamsin Greg [Miss Bates], Blake Ritson [Mr Elton], Laurie Pyper [Jane Fairfax], , Rupert Evans [Frank Churchill], Mrs Bates [Valerie Lilley], Christina Cole [Mrs Elton].

B) Commentary or the critical and departure type: the film-makers intend considerable fidelity, but attempt this through departures from the original which often include altering central pivotal events (an event perceived as crucial) and the way in which the events are presented dramatically, in order to comment on, critique or alter Austen's theme by making emphatic or highlighting specific aspects of her original novel. Signs of this is the invention of a new character; a major change in the story or character switch or alteration; some technique which does not have an equivalent one in the book (voice-over and journal or letter writing where there is none in the major source text).

Mrs Weston and Emma confide in (invented scene) from 1996 Miramax Emma
  1. 1940 MGM Pride and Prejudice, produced by Hunt Stromberg, directed by Robert Z. Leonard, written by Aldous Huxley & Jane Murfin (based on a drawing room comedy by Helene Jerome), set decoration Edwin B. Williams, Art Direction Cedric Gibbons and Paul Groesse, costumes Adrian, and Gile Steele, starring Laurence Olivier, Greer Garson, Edna May Oliver, Edmund Gwenn, Mary Boland, Maureen O’Sullivan. Often called a screwball comedy.
  2. 1987 BBC Northanger Abbey, produced by Louis Marks, directed by Giles Foster, written by Maggie Wadey, costumes Nicholas Rocker, starring Katharine Schleisinger, Peter Firth, Robert Hardy, Googie Withers [Mrs Allen] Cassie Stuart [Isabella Thorpe], Jonathan Coy [John Thorpe], Ingrid Lacey [Eleanor Tilney] , Elaine Ives-Cameron [Marchioness], Philip Bird [James Morland], Helen Fraser [Mrs Morland], David Rolfe [Mr Morland], Geoffrey Chater [Mr Allen], Greg Hicks [Frederick Tilney] A female gothic film with elements of horror film in it.
  3. 1996 Miramax Emma, produced by Patrick Cassavetti and Steven Haft, directed and written by Douglas McGrath, set decoration Totty Whately, art direction Joshua Meath-Bake, costumes Ruth Myers, starring Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeremy Northam, Sophie Thomson, Gretta Scacchi, Alan Cumming, Toni Collette, Juliet Stevenson, Polly Walker, Ewan McGregor. astiche in part.
  4. 1996 Meridian/A&E ITV Emma, produced by Sue Birtwistle, directed by Diarmiud Lawrence, written by Andrew Davies, production design Don Taylor, costumes Jenny Beavan, starring Kate Beckinsale, Mark Strong, Samantha Morton, Raymound Coulthard, Bernard Hepton, Prunella Scales, Samantha Bond, Dominic Rowan, Alistair Petrie, Olivia Williams, Lucy Robinson (Mrs Elton).
  5. 1999 Miramax Mansfield Park, produced by Sarah Curtis, directed and written by Patricia Rozema, production design Christopher Hobbs, cinematographer Michael Coulter, costumes Andrea Gale, starring Francis O’Connor, Jonny Lee Miller, Alessandro Nivola, Harold Pinter, Lindsay Duncan, Embeth Davidtz, James Purefoy [Tom], Sophia Myles [Susan], Hannah Taylor-Gordon (child Fanny), Philip Sarson (young Edmund). An adaptation of Austen's juvenilia, letters and Mansfield Park.
  6. 2005 Universal Pride and Prejudice, produced by Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Paul Webster, directed by Joe Wright, costumes Jacqueline Durran, written by Deborah Moggach, starring Keira Knightley, Donald Sutherland, Matthew Macfayden, Brenda Blethyn, Judy Dench, Tom Hollander, Talulah Riley [Mary], Rosamund Pike [Jane], Claudie Blakley [Charlotte], Simon Woods [Bingley], Jena Malone [Lydia], Rupert Friend [Wickham], Penelope Wilton [Mrs G], Peter Wight [Mr G]
  7. 2007 ITV (Company in association with WBGH) Mansfield Park, produced by Susan Harrison, directed by Iain MacDonald, written by Maggie Wadey, art department Beverly Gerard, costumes [no one listed], starring Billie Piper, Douglas Hodge, Blake Ritson, James D'Arcy, Maggie O'Neill, Jemma Redgrave, Blake Ritson [Edmund] Joseph Beatty, Hayley Atwell.
  8. 2007 ITV (Clerkenwell in association with WBGH) Persuasion, produced by David Snodin, directed by Adrian Shergold, written by Simon Burke, production design David Roger, costumes Andrea Galer, starring Sally Hawkins, Rupert Penry-Jones, Anthony Head [Sir Walter Elliot], Julia Davis [Elizabeth Elliot], Alice Krige [Lady Russell], Michael Fenton-Stephens [Mr Shepherd], Mary Stockley [Mrs Clay], Amanda Hale [Mary Musgrove], Nicholas Farrell [Mr Musgrove], Sam Hazeldine [Charles Musgrove], Jennifer Higham [Louisa Musgrove], Rosamund Stephen [Henrietta Musgrove], Tobias Menzies [Walter Elliot], Joseph Mawle [Captain Harville], Finlay Robertson [James Benwick], Peter Wight [Admiral Crofts], Marion Bailey [Mrs Crofts], Maisie Dimbleby [Mrs Smith], Sarah Buckland [Nurse Rooke]
  9. 2008 BBC/WBGH Miss Austen Regrets, produced by Anne Pivecvic, directed by Jeremy Lovering, written by Gwneth Hughes, starrring Olivia Williams, Greta Scacchi, Hugh Bonneville [Rev Brook Bridges], Adrian Edmonson [Henry Austen], Dr Charles Haydn [Jack Huston], Phyllida Law [Mrs Austen], Samuel Hooten [Harris Bigg], Anna Lefroy [Sally Tatum], Edward Austen-Knight [Pip Torens], Imogen Poots [Fanny Austen-Knight] (Departure texts are Austen's Letters and contemporary family documents)
  10. 2008 Granada/ITV/Mammoth/ScreenYorkshire Lost In Austen, produced by Guy Andrews, Michelle Buck, written by Guy Andrews, directed by Dan Zeff, starring Jemima Rooper, Elliot Cowan [Mr Darcy], Huge Bonneville, Alex Kingston [Mrs Bennet], Morven Christie [Jane Bennet], Tim Mison [Mr Bingley], Tom Riley [Mr Wickham], Lindsay Duncan [Lady Catherine de Bourgh], Michelle Duncan [Charlotte Lucas], Daniel Percival [Michael] [Departure is P&P, and in kind it's a pastic
  11. 2013 BBC Death Comes to Pemberley, produced by Eliza Mellor, David W. Thompson, directed by Daniel Percival, written by Juliette Towhidi, starring Anna Maxwell Martin (Elizabeth), Matthew Rhys (Darcy), Matthew Goode (Wickham) James Fleet (Mr Bennet), Trevor Eve (Sir Selwyn Hardcastle), Tom Ward (Colonel Fitzwilliam), Jena Coleman (Lydia), Georgiana Darcy (Eleanor Thompson), James Norton (Henry Alveston), Joanna Scanlan (Mrs Reynolds0, Mariah Gale (Mrs Young), Jennifer Hennesey (Mrs Bidwell), Lewis Ranier (Will Bidwell), Nichola Burley (Louisa Bidwell), Penelope Keith (lady Catherine de Bourgh)

C) Analogies or the free adaptation: film-maker has abandoned historical costume drama for the central story that dominates the film, but reproduces enough recognizable idiosyncratic analogous hinge-points, individual characters, character functions from the source novel, and overt (unsubtle) thematic intersections between the movie and source novel to make the film manifestly intelligible as an adaptation; in addition, the source novel is often explicitly discussed by characters in the film (in one case it is staged).

Ruby (Catherine Morland character) and Rochelle (parallel to Eleanor Tilney) walk along beach and tell of their dreams for the future from 1993 Ruby in Paradise
  1. 1980 James Ivory and Ismail Merchant Jane Austen in Manhattan, produced by Ismail Merchant, directed by James Ivory, written by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, production design Jeremiah Rusconi, costumes Jenny Beavan, starring Anne Baxter, Robert Powell, Michael Wager, Sean Young [Ariadne], Kurt Johnson [Victor Charleton], Katina Hodiak [Katya], Charles McCaughan [Billie], Nancy New [Jennie], Tim Coate [Jamie]. Sir Charles Grandison, a brief parodic play sometimes attributed to Jane Austen (Brian Southam's attribution is disputed by Margaret Anne Doody), combined with lines from Samuel Richardon's Sir Charles Grandison.
  2. 1990 Westerly Metropolitan, produced, directed and written by Whit Stillman, costumes Mary Jane Fort, starring Christopher Eigeman, Taylor Nichols, and Carolyn Farina, Allison Rutledge-Parisi, Isabel Gilles. Mansfield Park, with borrowing from Emma and allusions to Persuasion. Independent film.
  3. 1993 Republic Ruby in Paradise, produced by Keith Crofford, produced by Robert Lawrence, Scott Rudin, directed and written by Victor Nunez, starring Ashley Judd, Todd Field, Bentley Mitchum, Allison Dean, Dorothy Lyman. Northanger Abbey. Independent film.
  4. 1995 Paramount Clueless, produced by Barry M. Berg, Robert Lawrence, Scott Rudin, directed and written by Amy Heckerling, costumes Mona May, starring Alice Silverstone, Stacey Dash [Dionne], Paul Rudd, Brittany Murphy, Dan Hedaya [Mr Horowitz], Jeremy Sisto [Elton]. Wallace Shawm [Mr Wendell Hall], Twink Caplan, Breckin Meyer [Travis], Justin Walker [Christian], Julie Brown, Donald Faison [Murray]. Teenage comedy.
  5. 1998 Warner You’ve Got Mail, produced by Nora Ephron and Lauren Shuler Donner, directed by written by Nora Ephron (based on Samson Raphaelson's Shop Around the Corrner, itself an update and adaptation of Nikolaus Laszlo's Shop Around the Corner), starring Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, Greg Kinnear, and Jean Stapleton. Pride and Prejudice. Romantic comedy
  6. 1998 Westerly Last Days of Disco, produced, directed and written by Whit Stillman, production design Ginger Tougas, costume design Sarah Edwards, starring Christopher Eigeman, Kate Beckinsale, and Chloe Sevigny, Mackenzie Astin, Matt Keeslar, Robert Seen Leonard, Matt Ross [Dan], Tara Subkoff [Holly], Bernie Rafferty [John Thornton], Burr Steers [Van]. Emma and Sense and Sensibility. Independent film.
  7. 2000 Sri Surya Kandukondain Kandukondain or I have found it, produced by A.M. Rathnam and Kalaippuli S. Thanu, directed and written by Rajiv Menon, starring Tabu [Elinor/Sowmyra] Aishwarya Rai [Meenu, Marianne character], Mammootty [Captain Bala, Colonel Brandon], Ajith, [Manohar, Edward character], Abbas [Skrikanth, Willoughby character], Manivannan [Sivagnanam, Sir John Middleton substitute], Srividya [Padma or Mahalakshmi, Mrs Dashwood, the mother], Shamili [Kamala, the young sister?], S. N. Lakshmi [father, Mr Dashwood subsitute], Nzhalgal Ravi [Srinivasan, the mother's brother, or the John Dashwood substitute], Chandrakala [Nalli, his wife?, Fanny Dashwood substitute?], Dino Morea [Vinod, the suitor Bala finds], Raghuvaran [Sowmrya's boss], Pooja Batra [Nandhini Varma], ? [Chinnatha, faithful woman retainer]. Sense and Sensibility. Tamil musical
  8. 2001 Miramax Columbia Tristar Bridget Jones's Diary, produced by Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Jonathan Cavendish, directed by Sharon Macguire, written by Helen Fielding and Andrew Davies, starring Renee Zellweger, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Gemma Jones, Jim Broadbent. Pride and Prejudice through Helen Fielding'sn novel. Screwball comedy.
  9. ) 2003 Excel Entertainment Pride and Prejudice, produced by Daniel Shanthakumar & Kynan Griffin, directed by Alexander Vance, written by Anne Black, starring Kam Keskin, Orlando Seale, Lucila Sola, Ben Gourley, Lelly Stables, Henry Maguire, Hubbel Palmer, Kara Holden, Nicole Hamilton, Rainy Kerwin, Honor Bliss, and Carmen Rasusen. Mormon movie
  10. 2004 Miramax Columbia Tristar Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, produced by Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner, Jonathan Cavendish, directed by Beeban Kidron, written by Helen Fielding and Andrew Davies, starring Renee Zellweger, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, with Gemma Jones, Jim Broadbent, and [as friends], Shirley Henderson. Pride and Prejudice, with borrowing from Emma and allusions to Persuasion. Sequel to Bridget Jones's Diary, both book and film.
  11. 2004 Pathe Bride and Prejudice, produced by Gurinder Chadha and Deepak Nayar, directed by Gurinder Chadha, written by Paul Mayeda Berges, starring Aishwarya Rai [Elizabeth character], Martin Henderson [William Darcy], Nadira Babbar, Anupam Kher, Navreen Andrews, Namrata Shirodkar, Daniel Gillies. Pride and Prejudice. Bollywood musical.
  12. 2006 Warner Bros. Lake House, produced by Doug Davison, directed by Alejandro Agresti, written by David Auburn, starring Sandra Bullock (Kate Forster, or Anne Elliot), Keenu Reeves [Alex Wyler or Wentworth], Christopher Plummer [Simon Wyler], Ebon Mosh-Bachrach [Henry Wyler, Wentworth's confident], Willeke van Ammelroy [Kate's mother, Anne's confidant], Dylan Walsh [Morgan or Mr Walter Elliot]. Persuasion. Romantic comedy.
  13. 2007 2 Entertain, BBC, Scion (&c) Becoming Jane, produced by Robert Bernstein, directed by Julian Jarrod, written by Kevin Hood and Susan Williams, starring Anne Hathaway, James McAvoy, Julie Waters, James Cromwell, Maggie Smith, Joe Anderson, Lucy Cohu, Ian Richardson, Anna Maxwell Martin. Pride and Prejudice, wtih helpings from the letters and book by Jon Spence. Biopic. Composite movie.
  14. 2007 Mockingbird/John Calley The Jane Austen Book Club, produced by Julie Lynn, written and directed by Robin Swicord, starring Maria Bello, Emily Blunt, Kathy Baker, Amy Brenneman, Maggie Grace, Jimmy Smits, Hugh Dancy, Mark Blucas, Lynn Redgrave. All six, but emphasis on Emma, Persuasion, with Mansfield Park and Sense and Sensibility secondary. Northanger Abbey two scenes. Last scene Pride and Prejudice brought in. Romantic comedy, adapted from Karen Joy Fowler's book of the same name. Composite movie.
  15. 2007 WBGH/ITV Room with a View, produced by Eileen Quinn, written by Andrew DAvies, directed by Nicholas Renton, Lucy Honeychurch (Elaine Cassidy), Cecil Vyse (Laurence Fox), Charlotte Bartlett (Sophie Thompson), Rafe Spell (George Emerson), Mr Beebe (Mark Williams), Mr Emerson (Timothy Spall), Mrs Honeychurch (Elizabeth McGovern), Miss Lavish (Sinead Cusack). Adapattion of Room with a View, as itself an imitation/adaptation of Northanger Abbey
  16. 2008 Granada/ITV/Mammoth/ScreenYorkshire Lost In Austen, produced by Guy Andrews and Kate McKellen, written by Guy Andrews, directed by Dan Zeff, starring Jemima Rooper [Amanda], Elliot Cowan [Mr Darcy], Huge Bonneville [Mr Bennet], Alex Kingston [Mrs Bennet], Morven Christie [Jane Bennet], Tim Mison [Mr Bingley], Tom Riley [Mr Wickham], Lindsay Duncan [Lady Catherine de Bourgh], Michelle Duncan [Charlotte Lucas], Daniel Percival [Michael], Perdita Weeks [Lydia]. Guy Henry [Mr Collins], Kitty Bennet (Florence Hoath], Christina Cole [Caroine Bingley], Gemma Artherton [Elizabeth Bennet], Gugu Mbatha-Raw [Pirhana]. Commentary, a pastiche in subgenre, mini-series.
  17. 2010 Hindi Aisha, produced by Anil and Rhea Kapoor, directed by Rajshree Ojha, screenplay Devika Bhagat. Sonam Kapoor (as Aisha-Emma), Abhay Deol (Arjun Burman-Mr Knightely), Amrita Puri (Shefali Thakkur-Harriet), Cyrus Sahuka (Randhir-Ghambier-Mr Elton), Irs Dubey (Pinky Bose-Dionne from Clueless) Dhruv Snigh (Arunoday Singh-Frank), M. K. Raina (Mr Kappor-Mr Woodhouse), Anuradha Patel (Chitra Kanwar Singh-Mrs Weston), Vidhushi Merh (alais Kapoor/Burman-John Knightley), Sameer Malhotra (Karan Burman-Isabella Knightley)
  18. 2011 Camelot/Odd Lot From Prada to Nada, produced Gigi Pritzker, Lisa Ellzey, Chris Ranta, Gary Gilbert, directed by Angel Garcia, writte by Fina Torrea and Luis Alfaro. Starring Wilmer Valderrama (Bruno-Brandon), Camilla Belle (Nora-Elinor), Alexa Vega (Mary-Marianne), Nicholas D'Agosto (Edward) , Kuno Becker (Roderigo-Willoughby); Adriana Barrazza (Aunt, Aurelia as Mrs Jennings type), April Bowlby (Olivia-Fanny Dashwood), Pablo Cruz (John Dashwood as Gabriel Dominguez Jr), Larla Souza (Lucy) 2011 Camelot/Odd Lot From Prada to Nada, produced Gigi Pritzker, Lisa Ellzey, Chris Ranta, Gary Gilbert, directed by Angel Garcia, writte by Fina Torrea and Luis Alfaro. Starring Wilmer Valderrama (Bruno-Brandon), Camilla Belle (Nora-Elinor), Alexa Vega (Mary-Marianne), Nicholas D'Agosto (Edward) , Kuno Becker (Roderigo-Willoughby); Adriana Barrazza (Aunt, Aurelia as Mrs Jennings type), April Bowlby (Olivia-Fanny Dashwood), Pablo Cruz (John Dashwood as Gabriel Dominguez Jr), Larla Souza (Lucy)
  19. 2012 SunWorld Scents and Sensibility, produced by Brian Bough and Brittany Wiscombe, directed by Brian Bough, written by Jennifer Jan, Brittany Wiscombe, starring Ashley Williams (Elinor), Marla Skokoloff (Marianne) Nick Zano (Brandon Hurst), Brad Johnson (Edward Farris), JJ Neward (Fran Farris), Jaclyn Hale (Lucy Steele), Jason Celaya (John Willoughby)
  20. 2013 Austenland, produced by Meghan Hibbett. Stephanie Meyer, Gina Minghacci, directed and written by Jerusha Hess (written also by Shannon Hale), starring J.J. Feild, Keri Russell, Jennifer Coolidge, James Callis, Georgia King, Rupert Vansittart, Jane Seymour.

Note: I’ve omitted from my list the kind of film where there are no parallel pivotal events in the plot-design of the story; rather the connection is sheerly allusive (a matter of citing books) as that would enlarge the number of Austen films to the point where such a grouping would not be useful. Two should be mentioned as they do use the allusions in explicit ways intended to recall Austen's novels. 1) the 1998 BBC Cold Comfort Farm, produced by Alison Gilby, directed by John Schlesinger, written by Malcolm Bradbury, based on Stella Gibbons’s satire of gothicism. Cold Comfort Farm opens with the heroine reading a Jane Austen text and wanting to write like Austen. Kate Beckinsale plays Flora Poste as a type analogous to Emma Woodhouse. 2) Another overtly intertexual film which intersects with Austen's novels is the 2003 BBC I Capture the Castle, produced by David M. Thompson, David Parfitt, Anant Singh,.directed by Tim Fywell, written by Heidi Thomas, based on Dodie Smith’s young adult novel, where the novel alludes Austen and her books, and some of these allusions recur in the film.

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