Tennyson Readings

for Feb 25th, Wed, through Mar 4th, Wed: taken from Alfred Lord Tennyson, Selected Poems, , ed. Aidan Day:

begin with from In Memoriam A. H. H. , Sections VII-XXII (pp 135-46), XXVIII-XXX (pp 148-51), L-LVII (pp 162-66), LXXVIII-LXXX (pp 177-79), CIV-CVII (pp 202-5);

then read Mariana, The Lady of Shallott, The Kraken (pp9-11, 25-31); 'Hark! the dogs howl!,' 'This Nature full of hints and mysteries,' 'Over the dark world flies the wind,' 'Break, break, break,' Lines ['Here often, when a child, I lay reclined'], The Eagle (pp 63-5, 119, 129, 229); then from Maud, Part III, VI, from 'My life has crept so long on a broken wing... [to]...I embrace the purpose of God, and the doom assign'd' (pp 276-8);

then read The Epic, Morte d'Arthur, St. Simeon Stylites, Ulysses, Locksley Hall (pp 69-103), Tithonus, Tiresias, Locksley Hall Sixty Years After, Crossing the Bar (pp296-8, 316-21, 332-344, 349-50).

Journal #3 due on Wed Mar 18th.

Trollope readings

taken from Anthony Trollope: Early Short Stories, ed. John Sutherland:

for Mar 16th-18th, Mon-Wed, and again Mar 27th-April 1st; these will be the same pairs:

1) "Aaron Trowe" and "Malachi's Cove;" 2) "The Parson's Daughter of Oxney Colne" and "Journey to Panama;" 3) "A Ride Across Palestine" and "The Man Who Kept His Money in a Box;" 4) "A Widow's Mite" and "The Two Generals;" 5) "La Mere Bauche" and "Returning Home."

Journal #4 to be written in class Fri Apr 3rd.

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