Spring 2005

Those registering for Spring 2005 for English 302H14 or for English 302N09 or N10 might want to have an idea of what we will read and see. So I provide the list of required (and optional) books below. They are listed in the order we will read them. I also provide a list of films; we may see some of these in class.

Note to those registering for Summer 2005 for English 302BN1 or BN2: the two Feynman books, Trimble and Olson will almost certainly be required reading. I have not made up my mind whether to assign Konner, Ofri or some other book on how the science of medicine is practiced and experienced in our society.

Advanced Composition on the Humanities

Required Books

Optional Books

Required Films:

Optional or Relevant Films

Advanced Composition on the Natural Sciences and Technology

Required Books

Possible Films

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