Dramatic Readings on Audiocassettes and CD

Please note that unless otherwise indicated all readings cited here are of the whole of Anthony Trollope's texts. I also cite some dramatic readings of the whole of a biography of Fanny Trollope and the whole of two of Joanne Trollope's novels. The only readings of abridged texts included are the selections from the Trollope Society recording, My Life and Stories. There are numerous readings of variously abridged texts of Trollope's novels; these the reader may find cited online at online bookstores like Amazon.

George Housman Thomas, Lily Dale reading a letter, The Last Chronicle of Barset


For further information email: Cover to Cover Cassettes Ltd.. These are also available from the Trollope Society. Timothy West turns Trollope into a mellow disillusioned Chaucer (he also reads Chaucer for another company which produced abridged audiocassettes).

Blackstone Audiobooks

For further information email: Blackstone Audio.

Hitherto Available at Books-on-Tape

Books-on-Tape produced the above set of tapes but have apparently sold them all off. They are no longer renting any tapes. I cannot resist remarking how shameful this is. Since most online stores do not list who is reading a tape or where it was produced, these tapes will basiclly be mostly unavailable. I've kept the list online so the interested reader/listener may perhaps be able to find the audiocassettes. David Case's sardonic sinuously elegant voice captures the undercurrents of Trollope's irony; Donada Peters is equally effective, bright yet poignant when appropriate. You feel you are watching the characters on stage.

Assembled Stories

The above are on sale at Amazon.

Chivers Audiobooks

The above is on sale at Amazon.

Audio Book Contractors

The above is on sale at Amazon where it is described as unabridged. All the other Flo Gibson's readings of Trollope's novels appear to be of abridged texts.

Clipper Audio

The parent audio books company is W.F. Howes, based in Leicester. Email: sales@wfhowes.co.uk

The Trollope Society

John Letts introduces and then Timothy West reads interpersed revelant portions from Trollope's An Autobiography, with selections from the novels.

For further information, go to the website of Michael Powe, listowner of Trollope-l; there is a link to and information about the Trollope Society.

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