You who are blessedly clothed in Peter's Tu che di Pietro il glorioso manto
You who are blessedly clothed in Peter's
sacred mantle, and possess and control
the keys to God's realm, worthy minister
of God, oh, wise and holy shepherd,

Look at the flock entrusted to your care,
see how the fierce wolf diminishes it;
may your profound skill give the first secure
support and the second just punishment;

Boldly drive the enemies of Christ from
Jerusalem now that these two princes
have turned to you for your aid and advice;

But whatever you do, may the fame of
your beautiful distinguished deeds be no
less bright than the great name you have taken.

Tu che di Pietro il glor´oso manto
vesti felice e del Celeste Regno
hai le chiavi in governo, onde sei degno
di Dio ministro e Pastor saggio e santo:

mira la greggia a te commessa e quanto
la scema il fiero lupo, e poi sostegno
sicuro l'una da tuo sacro ingegno
riceva e l'altro giusta pena e pianto.

Scaccia animoso fuor del ricco nido
i nemici di Cristo or che i duo regi
ogni lor cura e studio hanno a te volto.

Se ci˛ farai non fai men chiaro il grido
de l'opre tue leggiadre e fatti egregi
che fia di quello il cui gran home hai tolto.


Rizzardi 10:10; Chiapetti 10:12; 1995 Bullock 59:159-60. Translation by Stortoni and Lille 30-31. For Key see A Note on the Italian texts


For Rizzardi's notes see pp 83-84, X, 126-7; this is another sonnet to a powerful man that Gambara sent to Bembo for "correction." For variants, commentary, circumstances and paraphrase see 1995 Bullock p. 160n. The poem can be dated to 1540 (see letter Gambara sent to Bembo, referred to in Courten 37): in 1538 Charles V and Frances I signed another truce; this is to Pope Paul III (Alessandro Farnese), asking him to have pity to mediate between two powerful men.
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