The text for "On my selfe" from MS Portland, Vol 19, p 212 has variations from traditional texts for lines 5-6, 10, 12. See Entry No. 59 in my Annotated Chronology (1696, Anne at Godmersham?). Reynolds printed the text she found in MS F-H 283; this is the less censored one. It is much sharper, more concrete, less blurred with religious sentiment in the close.

On my selfe

Good Heav'en I thank thee, Since it was design'd
I shou'd be fram'd but of the weaker kind,
That yet my Soul, is rescu'd from the Love
Of all those trifles, which their passions move
Pleasures, and Praises, and Company with me
Have their Just Vallue, if allow'd they be;
Freely, and thankfully, as much I taste
As will not reason, nor Religion waste,
If they're deny'd, I on my Selfe can live
Without the aids a cheating World can give
When in the Sun, my wings can be display'd
And in retirement I can have the shade.

In Finch-Hatton 283, pp 34 - 5 (printed first in 1903 Reynolds, pp 14-15):

lines 5-6: Pleasures, and Praise, and plenty have with me/But

line 10: And Slight those aids, unequal chance does give,

line 12: And in retirements, I can bless the shade

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