I have been fortunate. I have had access to several important manuscripts and want to acknowledge and thank their owners.

First, I have been allowed to work with a central massive manuscript book of Anne Finch's poems partly in the hand of Heneage which has come to be known as the "Folger MS" by the Folger Shakespeare library in Washington D.C. I was allowed allowed to purchase a microfilm with which I could work at home. I am very grateful to all the librarians who helped me and to the Library.

Second, the County Archivist of Northamptonshire Record Office was kind enough to allow me to buy microfilm copies of two more important manuscript books entitled "MS Finch-Hatton Nos 282 and 283." I wish to acknowledge their help and thank the Northamptonshire Record Office.

Third, the Wellesley College Library made available a microfilm of the "Wellesley MS," another major manuscript book of Ann Finch's poems, which has since been published. I must acknowledge their help and thank them.

Fourth, the British Library provided microfilms of several manuscripts: Harl. MS. 7316; Add. Ms. 4457, ff. 51-63; Lanscowne MS. 852 f. 208. I want to thank them for their cooperation.

Fifth, the Librarian and Archivist to the Marquis of Bath assisted me by directing me to the microfilm publisher of the Portland Papers, and I would like to thank her.

Finally I want to thank the Trustees of the Settled Winchilsea Estates for permission to publish poems by Ann Finch.

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