Their piety th'Egyptians show'd by Art


To Mrs Arabella Marrow upon the Death of Lady Marrow

Primary Text:

MS Additional 4457, 56v.
Their piety th'Egyptians show'd by Art
Immortalizing the frail mortal part
With fruitlesse Rage devouring Time pay'd
Their parent's Corps to stately Tombs convey'd
A mother's beauteous Soul your Breast enshrine
That sacred Dome their pyramids outshines
And glories in a Guest was Angel's Care
Like them benign; to God & Man most dear
Your mind survey's the Treasure in that Tomb
Till its own Ornaments each Grave become

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None. Never printed before it appeared on my website.


Witty epigram on the idea that Mrs Marrow's mother's immortal part lives in in Mrs. Marrow's mind. Mrs Arabella Marrow was an unmarried daughter of Samuel and Lady Marrow, of Berkwell, Warwickshire. She was one of Mrs Grace Strode Thynne's closest companions.


Lady Marrow died October 19, 1714.
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