The first of two wholly unknown and unprinted poems by Anne Finch which are found with a fourth (printed by Birch in 1741, The Prodigy to be found in the British Library MS Additional 4457.

See Annotated Chronology No. 214. A witty epigram on the idea that Mrs Marrow's mother's immortal part lives in in Mrs. Marrow's mind. Mrs Arabella Marrow was an unmarried daughter of Samuel and Lady Marrow, of Berkwell, Warwickshire; she was one of Mrs Grace Strode Thynne's closest companions. Date: Lady Marrow died October 19, 1714

Here is a full listing of the contents of MS Additional 4457 which are of interest to those interested in Finch or her poetry:

  1. The prodigy. Protect the State and let old England thrive by Lady W-- p 54r. This was printed by Birch in 1741 and hence reprinted by Reynolds in 1903.
  2. A Letter to Mrs Arrabella Marow: [A prose opening: The favour of such an agreeable & most obliging letter as I recieved . . .] How can our correspondence please. This is found in the Wellesley MS, p 55v
  3. To Mrs Arabella Marrow upon the Death of Lady Marrow, p 56v. Their piety th'Egyptians show'd by Art, p56r
  4. [To Lady Winchilsea occasion'd by four verses in the Rape of the Lock. By Mr. Pope. In vain you boast poetic names of yore. The text to be studied is the one copied out into the Wellesley MS, 57r
  5. To a fellow Scribbler .. By Lady Winchillsea. Prithee Friend that Hedge behold. This too appears in Birch. P.58r
  6. To the Countess of Hartford on her Lord's Birthday. Joy from a zealous pen Ardelia [therefore ascribed] sends, p59r
  7. To the Hon ble M rs Thynne after twelfth day 1715 By Lady Winchilsea How plain (dear madam) was the want of Sight. This, not the Wellesley MS, should be the copy text of a good edition. The Wellesley is a censored version; this has the date, p 60r

    The MS also includes:

  8. On the Anniversay of her Husbands Death. by Mrs Rowe. Unhappy Day! with what a dreadful Light [in the same hand as all those above), p61r
  9. Letter in which "Mrs Lucas sends Compliments to Dr Birch, along with the Verses he desired . . . the Epilogue [Jane Shore?]. From "Broad Street Buildings, May 15th 1755, p63r

To Mrs Arabella Marrow upon the Death of Lady Marrow, p 56v

Their piety th'Egyptians show'd by Art
Immortalizing the frail mortal part
With fruitlesse Rage devouring Time pay'd
Their parent's Corps to stately Tombs convey'd
A mother's beauteous Soul your Breast enshrine
That sacred Dome their pyramids outshines
And glories in a Guest was Angel's Care
Like them benign; to God & Man most dear
Your mind survey's the Treasure in that Tomb
Till its own Ornaments each Grave become

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