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A Letter to Mrs Arrabella Marow [with a prose opening: The favour of such an agreeable & most obliging letter as I received. . . ] Primary Texts: MS's: Wellesley, 82-4 (with annotations on people in margins); Additional 4457, 55-6 (with a different and more personal fifth stanza, and subscription which includes date and place of writing).

Secondary Ed:

1988 Ellis d'Alessandro reprints Wellesley text, 111-2; McGovern & Hinnant, 47-48.


1929 Hughes prints Wellesley, 632-3 (Stanzas 1-11, omits final 12th).


This is a Jacobite conversation piece. Anne Finch excuses herself for not writing.

The unexplained references and openly Jacobite sympathiesof this poem suggest this, like many of the poems in the MS Wellesley (e.g, "The white mouses petition," To the Hon Mrs H--n, 1707 and 712) was never meant to be published.


In MS Additional 4457 it is subscribed "London, October 18 1715."
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