For those registering for my classes would want to know what were the books, essays and/or films required, so I would provide the following for those who registered for these sections. The reader sees what was the plan which I did follow through on for the Spring 2012 session, English 302H09 (M/W, 9:00 - 1015 am, East Building, 121) and 302H26 (M/W, 10:00 - 11:45 am, Enterprise Hall 25). See also On line library for my students

Advanced Composition in the Humanities

Required Books (unless otherwise stipulated, any edition will do)

Required Films

********************* I was scheduled to teach a section of Advanced Comp in the Natural Sciences and Tech for summer 2012 and again fall 2012. I felt I could not do these under the conditions and the pressures placed on me, so I declined both. The section below is now being taught by someone else, but I leave this last book list on line as a record of my plan.

Advanced Composition in the Natural Sciences and Technology

Books (Tentative, and unless otherwise stipulated, any edition will do)

Films (also tentative)

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