And now, an excerpt from part 13 of "Their Duties to the Queen," tentatively titled "Two Refugee Groups," currently in progress...

“Pity we can’t take the bacta tank anywhere,” said Lané. They’d looked to see if it could be taken out, although transporting it would’ve been a headache, and found it was firmly integrated into the building’s systems; taken away, it would be useless. There wasn’t much point in looking again, but Lané walked up to the emptied tank anyway, wrinkling her nose at the lingering smell of used and wrung bacta. “Don’t suppose there’s be any point in cutting the cables off?” She reached down and took one of the heavier ones into her hand. Hock clearly was surprised by the ease with which she lifted it, which had to be amusing her, even if she didn’t show it.

Unfortunately for her, Briné had already made her decision on it: “If we had a use for them here, there might be. But it’s not worth carrying them.”

“Ah, well,” said Lané, and forlornly tossed the cable down.

To Briné’s surprise, the sound of it thudding hard on the floor of the tank made Yolierre’s eyes fly open. He exclaimed something incomprehensible, then tried to turn his head back and forth, but was still too weak to do so. His eyes moved; it looked like they were reacting to light, but Briné wasn’t sure. “What can you see?” she asked. “Can you feel your body beneath your neck? Don’t try to move anything, just…”

“Who are you?” he asked, but he stopped trying to move. “Where am I?”