Original Illustrations to Trollope's Fiction

Chronological List

Lionel Fawkes, "Mr Melmotte speculates", The Way We Live Now

The novels are listed by first year of book publication, providing the names of the book publishers and (when known) illustrators

1855 The Warden: Longman; F. C. Tilney
1858 Dr Thorne: Chapman & Hall; H. L. Schindler
1861 Framley Parsonage: Smith, Elder; John Everett Millais
1862 Orley Farm: Chapman & Hall; John Everett Millais
1863 The Small House at Allington: Smith & Elder; John Everett Millais
1864 Rachel Ray: Chapman & Hall; John Everett Millais(a 'seventh edition' which first included the engraving made from a watercolour painting which now serves as a frontispiece for the novel in some editions)
1864 Tales of All Countries, First Series: Chapman & Hall; Marcus Stone
1865 Can You Forgive Her?: Chapman & Hall; Hablôt Knight Brown ('Phiz') and Miss E. Taylor
1865 The Three Clerks: Bentley (a new edition; the novel was first published in 1857); J. Mahoney and Edward Whymper
1866 Miss Mackenzie: Chapman & Hall; Walter Crane
1867 The Claverings: Smith, Elder; Mary Ellen Edwards
1867 The Last Chronicle of Barsetshire: Smith, Elder; George Housman Thomas
1869 Phineas Finn, the Irish Member: Virtue; John Everett Millais
1869 He Knew He Was Right: Strahan; Marcus Stone
1870 The Vicar of Bullhampton: Bradbury, Evans; Henry Woods
1870 The Struggles of Brown, Jones, and Robinson: Smith, Elder; anonymous illustrator
1871 Ralph the Heir: Hurst & Blackett; Francis Arthur Fraser
1872 The Golden Lion of Granpère: Tinsley (an associate of Strahan); Francis Arthur Fraser
1873 Harry Heathcoat of Gangoil: Sampson Low; anonymous group of illustrators
1874 Phineas Redux: Chapman & Hall; Francis Montague Holl
1875 The Way We Live Now: Chapman & Hall; Lionel G. Fawkes
1876 The Eustace Diamonds (a later edition) and The Prime Minister : Chapman & Hall, Frontispieces, Francis Arthur Fraser (?)
1876 'Christmas at Thompson Hall': The Graphic, Christmas number, reprinted as single volume in 1876 by American firm, Harper & Bros; William Small
1878 Five Barsetshire novels (Dr Thorne omitted): Chapman & Hall, Frontispieces, Francis Arthur Fraser
1882 Marion Fay: illustrated when serialised in The Graphic from 3 December 1881 to 3 June 1882; William Small
1882 Kept in the Dark: Chatto & Windus; John Everett Millais

The short stories are listed, with date of publication, under the name of the periodical in which they appeared.

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