The earth smiles and restores to every land Ride la terra, e d'ogni parte rend
The earth smiles and restores to all her lands
a thousand gentle enchanting perfumes,
a counterpane of scattered lovely flowers,
shining like stars as in a beautiful sky.

In such a season Love resumes his force
in each heart renews the age-old desires,
arouses each faithful lover to feel
gentle and cherishing ardor and love.

Sensual lascivious creatures play
in the curving meadows -- they celebrate
while Love teaches them new delights.

I alone am banished from where I knew peace.
endure anxiety, ennui, distrust
thinking as I do, far from my beloved.

Ride la terra, e d'ogni parte rende
Mille soavi e dilettosi odori;
Coperta di leggiadri, e vaghi fiori
A guisa d'un bel ciel tutta resplende.

Amor ch'in tal stagion forza riprende
Rinova in ogni cor gli antici amori,
E mille cari e leggiadretti ardori
D'ogni fedele amante in petto accende.

Scherzano per le piagge lascivetti
Gli animai l'un l'altro festeggiando,
Ch'Amore insegna lor novi diletti.

Sola io, d'ogni mia pace posta in bando
Offesa da timor, noie, e sospetti
Lontana dal mio ben vivo pensando.


Costa 7:28 (drawn from a different manuscript in the Florence library); 1995 Bullock 26:84-85. For Key see A Note on the Italian texts


Bullock suggests this poem may have been written just before Gambara went to live in Correggio; that is during the time of the bethrothal. For the argument, variants (including in another anthology, in which the above poem is attributed to Vittoria Colonna); see 1995 Bullock p. 85n. It may equally have been written later in the marriage. The versification and mood distinguishes it from the early desperate series. This is another poem which follows the rhyme scheme of Pił volte il miser cor avea assaltato.
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