Perhaps God has changed his mind . . . Pentito forse il Ciel fiero nemico
Perhaps God has changed his mind, repented;
my fierce enemy all my burdensome
tedious life, has, thanks to your power,
shifted his stance, and shows himself my friend.

Your high chivalry matches the ancients',
your lovely poetry, welcoming soul,
has power to give me the strength I lack
-- with your refreshing thoughts I'm nourished.

I now only grieve to say I am not
(God may know it) what Rangone claims,
it's he who is a thousand times better

than Orpheus'. A Phoenix' immortal
flight has given me more than anyone,
no matter how gay or happy they ever were.

Pentito forse il Ciel fiero nemico
Di questa grave mia noiosa vita,
Mercč della virtł vostra infinita,
Cangiate voglie, or mi si mostra amico.

L'alto vostro valor pari all'antico,
Vostre rime leggiadre, alma gradita,
Tal forza han data a la virtł smarrita,
Che di dolci pensier or mi nutrico.

Duolmi sol ch'io non sia (sappian gli Dei)
Quale il mio gran Rangon had detto, e dice
Degno ben lui di pił di mille Orfei.

Ma, lodandomi voi, qual la fenice,
Ricca di eterno onor volando andrei
Sovra quante fur mai lieta e felice.


Pungileoni 29:IV; Bullock, "Per una Edizione Critica della Rime di Veronica Gambara", pp. 104-5; 1995 Bullock 67:168. For Key see A Note on the Italian texts


Pungileoni thought this sonnet was written in response to one by Luigi Alamanni to Gambara in which Alamanni praised Gambara's poetry. Bullock has not been able to find a poem by Alamanni to which this could be a response. The anonymous editor of the 1880 edition of the Rime published in Turin suggested Rangon was "un marchese di Modena, illustre poeta e letterato" (p. 81). Bullock suggests it could be Guido Ragone (1485-1539), for which suggestion he thanks the Marchese Rolando Rangoni Machiavelli di Spilamberto who has come across this man in his family's archives. See 1995 Bullock p. 168n. Bullock places the sonnet last in his edition and thinks it was written late in Gambara's life. It is written using a scheme of rhymes Gambara used in her earliest love poetry and she repeatedly used for her sonnets: see Pił volte il miser cor avea assaltato.
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